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Current sport season

CLUB SEASON 2020-2021

(Currently the Salle d’Armes is closed due to the Covid pandemic)

Opening of the Salle d’Armes  :  Monday September 7, 2020 for young people and adults. (Subject to acceptance of our SANITARY PROTOCOL by the Government Services).

Entries can be made from Monday, August 31, 2020 at the office N° 15 of the Monegasque Federation of Fencing, located on the 4th floor of the Louis II Stadium (input side of athletes) on Monday, Wenesday and Friday  from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.. It is desirable to make an appointment (06 24 18 28 42).

We teach the 3 weapons: foil, epee and saber with specialized Masters of arms.


– 2 passport photos.
– 1 medical certificate of non counter-indication to the practice of fencing. It is desirable that this certificate will be issued by the Medical-Sport Center located at the  Stade Louis II (tel : 92 05 41 11).(Free medical visit).
– The amount of the contribution by check only.

ANNUAL CONTRIBUTION (included FFE licence)

– Baby-fencing…..(M7)…………..140 euros
– M9 to M17…………………              150 euros
– M18  to Seniors……………..….    180 euros
– Benefactor Members………….From 250 euros

From category M15, the “Passport Competition” is necessary to make the competitions. Its cost is 6 euros.

With the explicit agreement of each member, an amount of 10 euros (including in the contribution) will be transferred to the Monaco Red Cross and GEMLUC ( Fight against cancer).
The participation in the Salle d’Armes and the competitions implies the obligation to have a valid medical certificate (less than 365 days) claimed above.


The club has a special insurance covering the main risks ( in addition of insurance included in FFE licence). The details can be provided  by the members of the Office. It is however necessary to have a family civil liability.


2020-2021 SCHEDULE



For initiation to fencing the equipment is rented by the Club but it is recommended to buy the glove. During the second year of practice, the mask must also be purchased. In general and for hygiene reasons it is advisable to have a glove and a personal mask. For confirmed fencers who participate in competitions, they will be given an outfit (jacket, pants and underjacket) regulatory FFE 350 or 800 Newton that they can buy (the fact of joining the Club allows you to get better price) or be rented by the Club (only up to category M15 included) for an annual amount of 50 euros and a deposit of a deposit check of 200 euros (this check will be returned at the end of the season against return of the rented outfit, brought back clean). For the other categories, it will be necessary to think about equipping yourself during the registration year.
It is brought to your attention that the fencing masks of the 1st year that will be made available will be disinfected before and after each use according to the health standards in force.

Personal equipment left in the room is the sole responsibility of the fencer.


For the travel of fencers to competitions (excluding in League Côte d’Azur) a 20% of average costs incurred will be reimbursed to the Club by each fencer



A financial participation is required for the breakage of the blades (except in competition).



Within the LOUIS II Stadium, wearing a sanitary mask is compulsory.
In general, the Club will scrupulously respect the health prescriptions dictated by the Prince’s Government in the context of the fight against COVID-19.   Sanitary Protocol


The fact of being member of the Club implies the acceptance of the regulation of the Association “Escrime et Pistolet de Monaco” and the “Charte de Bonne conduite“.

Good season with all.