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Fencing School

The history of the school fencing in Monaco is very rich in events and deserves with it only a booklet.

The school fencing was since the whole beginning of the century taught in Monaco.
During the creation of the College Albert 1st in 1910, it there had, in the team of the pioneers of the whole of the personnel founder, a person in charge for the gymnastics the Sergeant Jules PRAT, detached from the Company of the Firemen of Monaco.

Jules PRAT was a also fencing master. In 1914, the sports association of the College Albert of Monaco gave, Sunday June 7, 1914, its great annual inter-school meeting on the Northern Quay of the port. Race with foot, athletics, rifle shooting and fencing.

The following years, this participation of the college in the life of the school sport will remain very active under the direction of the Maitre Jules PRAT. The changing will be ensured by his main son Louis PRAT, who created a fencing room to the College Albert 1st in 1941 and which taught until 1959. It organized, among other things, the Championships of France U.G.S.E.L. in 1955 and 1958 whose its nephew, Georges PRAT, gained 3 times the title as a youngest child and junior and 5 times vice-champion. He will be assisted, since 1947, by the Maitre Edmond DURRIEU who will leave to the retirement on September 30, 1973.

To compensate for the retirement of Maitre DURRIEU and this fact of losing the teaching of the school fencing in Monaco, the Monegasque Federation of Fencing kindly requested the Princely Government to recruit a professor of physical education, with specialization fencing. What was made in 1974 in the person of the Maitre Gerard BOYER who gave a new breath to the school fencing, especially with the pupils practising the foil but especially the sabre.

Very good results were followed from there with in particular the young people Martini, Lubrano, Ceretti, Lea … …

In 1975, Miss MOZZICARELLI, comes to help Maitre BOYER for the school training, Wednesday afternoon. In October 1981, a school of fencing functioned in the room of fencing of the Stadium Louis II Wednesdays afternoon. This centre was opened to all the students of the establishments of the Principality. In 1983, Miss MOZZICARELLI took the responsibility for the School Centre of Fencing, during the change of sporting discipline by Maitre BOYER. She was replaced by Mrs Anne BROTTEL in September 2002.