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The modern sword was invented in the nineteenth century to fight a duel. It is a thrusting weapon only. In previous centuries, was used from the sixteenth century: the rapier. The rapier evolved first in court sword under Louis XIV.

The offensive action of this weapon is therefore exerted by the tip and the tip only. It is a weapon heavier – 770 g for a maximum length of 110 cm – and less flexible than the foil, and its blade is triangular. The valid target area includes the entire body of the shooter, including his clothes and equipment.

When both fencers are hit simultaneously, and the camera is recording properly these two buttons (no more than 0.25 seconds difference between the two keys), there is what is called a “double whammy”, ‘ is to say one point for each.

This weapon is called “unconventional” because it does not obey the rules of priority as the foil and saber conditions and rules of engagement are very similar to those of ancient battles.

Eric Srecki, Emeritus swordsman, sets the sword as well:
“The sword is the weapon that all stages of waiting, of preparation are the longest; observation of the opponent may seem” drag “when you’re a neophyte, but it is in fact bypass the opponent’s defense and to engage in the fault (…) So the weapon of patience, where the nerves are strained. ”