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The Club ESCRIME et le PISTOLET de MONACO, one of the first in Principality, occurred under the initiative of the Coach Jules PRAT, and was authorized by ” decree ” of its Excellence the General Governor of Monaco, on 9th June 1909. The aim of the Company was to encourage, facilitate and to develop, by the practice, the sports of combat in general and mainly the fencing, the pistol shooting, cane, kick boxing, stick, etc.

The first great international tournament of fencing, organized by the ESCRIME ET LE PISTOLET DE MONACO, took place on March the 10th, and 11th 1910 under the name of ” CHALLENGE D’EPEE DE MONACO”, under the High patronage of the Festival Committee of the City Council and gracious assistance of the Société des Bains de Mer.

During following years, succeeded one another of many and important regional, national and international tournaments with the kind help of the Municipality of Monaco and the Société des Bains de Mer, under the High Patronage of S.A.S. the Sovereign Prince and Presidency of Honor of HSH Prince Pierre of Monaco and currently under the High Patronage of HSH Albert II of Monaco.

Since its foundation, the Monegasque club obtained brilliant victories in France like abroad. It took part several times in the championships of the French Riviera, of Provence, France, Europe and the World where some of its fencers arrived in semi-final by teams to epee in Paris in 1937. We shall quote in particular the names of Gentlemen Fernand and Louis PRAT, GAUBERTI, BREMOND and VIALE.

Participation also for the Monegasques representatives in the Mediterranean Games and the Olympic Games in ROME in 1960, MUNICH in 1972, LOS ANGELES in 1984 and SEOUL in 1988 with respectively Misters ORENGO, BINI, SENECA and MARTINI.

The coach Louis PRAT, which formed part several times of the Team of France and eldest son of the Coach Jules PRAT, replaced this one as Fencing master in 1935. Then assisted by his younger brother, Fernand PRAT, founded in 1940 the MUNICIPALITY FENCING SCHOOL.

In 1947, Maitre DURRIEU came to enrich the teaching profession of the “ESCRIME ET PISTOLET DE MONACO” and this until the years 1973 when he was replaced by Maitre BOYER; the succession of this last was ensured in 1986 by the Maitre Robert PRAT, eldest son of Fernand PRAT, helped by the Maitres Jocelyne MOZZICARELLI. Later come the Masters Patrice MATTELON, Michel PERRIN and Anne BROTTEL.

In 1950, was officially created the Monegasque Federation of Fencing which at the time of the same year organized the XXème Championships of the World Fencing. This important competition took place in Monaco from the 9th till July 23th, with the participation of 17 nations represented by 225 ladies and men fencers.

Then were organized, among others, the great Senior International Tournaments in 1950-1960, the meetings Monaco-Genoa, the Championships of France UGSEL in 1955 and 1958 etc… and since 1977 the Challenge ” Prince Albert ” with the sabre for the small categories and juniors, without forgetting, since the creation of the new Stadium Louis II, an International Tournament of Epee Men and Ladies whose success is only progressing.

In 2009 the Club celebrated its centenary in the presence of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and the Monegasque Authorities at the Stade Louis II in Monaco. On this occasion a member of our Club, Mr. Fernand Prat  junior presented in preview at his Highness the Prince of Monaco, President of the Monegasque Olympic Committee, the design of new fencing handle. The International Fencing Federation will license this new “Poignée PRAT” for the saber, a few months later.

The “Fernand PRAT” salle d’armes, which was inaugurated in 1985 in Monaco’s new “Louis II” stadium, was completely renovated in August 2018 with, among other things, new tracks and equipment adapted for physical preparation. Today the teaching staff consists of three Maître d’Armes Mrs. Anne MEYGRET / BROTTEL (bronze medalist at the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984 team foil), Mr. ERIC FROMAGER for saber and epee and FLORIAN GAMBINO for the foil and the epee. The director of the salle d’armes is the Master of Arms Robert PRAT.