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The origin of the MONACO NATIONAL FENCING FEDERATION  (F.N.E.M.) is rather vague and somewhat complicated.

In 1913, with the creation of the International Federation of Fencing, the Comte Albert GAUTIER VIGNAL Monaco representative, maintained already the relationships and the semi-official agreements to this federation which was allowed like affiliated nation in 1914. Great international meetings were organized since 1905 under the patronage of International Sporting Club of Monaco and there after the Société des Bains de Mer. These events will especially end only in 1939 with only some interruptions due to the war of 1914-1918.

According to the handwritten reports of the meetings and general meetings of the Club ” ESCRIME ET PISTOLET DE MONACO”-created into 1909- of the years 1928 to 1933, it is clearly a question of officially founding a federation of fencing with committees and statutes.

We raise the following passage at the time of the General Assembly of the ESCRIME ET PISTOLET DE MONACO of November 10, 1933 :

“…Before the rising of meeting, Mr. General WEILLER makes known the situation of the F.N.E.M. who had ” up to now only one assistance without official value and consisted a provisional office whose ” capacities” had never been ratified by any assembly. “With the need for an official constitution, it is necessary first of all to envisage the development of statutes whose ” approval will have to be the subject of the agenda of a forthcoming general meeting. In order to be able to study and draw up ” the clauses of these statutes, a commission is named, composed of: Mr. General WEILLER, Doctor CAILLAUD, Mr. Commander GARRUS, Mr. BARBER, Mr. SEMERIA, Mr. R. BOISSON”. This commission will have the capacity to also convene the next general meeting having for goal to approve the statutes. And we could read in Gazette of Monaco of December 10, 1933: ” the fencing, aristocratic sport par excellence made followers increasingly more. One wanted to create some thing which can regulate this sport with more independence and of autonomy. For that the fencers of the Principality met these last days in general meeting.
The statutes of a national federation of fencing Monegasque were submitted to the Assembly and were voted unanimously.

The first management committee was formed as follows:

President : General Weiller; vice-president : Dr. Caillaud; secretary : Me Robert Drink; ” secretary-assistant : MR. DENIS.
Moreover Misters BARBER, MERSEMAN, VIALE, Lieutenant GARRUS, REY OF VILLAREV, ROLFO, L.PRAT, ALLEGRE were named delegated of the E.P.M. to the general assemblies  of the F.N.E.
We notice that in the management committee, if there are eminent personages, they all are also ” convinced ” fencers.

In spite of these good resolutions, the first statutes of the MONACO NATIONAL FENCING  FEDERATION, (which were approved with the meeting of the Assembly General of January 31, 1947) were to become official near the Government Monegasque that on December 4, 1950, by ministerial decree n° 50-160 bearing authorization and approval, of the statutes of the F.N.E.M., thus made out:

That ” Us, Minister Of State Of The Principality, Decide:

The Monegasque Federation of Fencing is authorized in the Principality . The statutes annexed at the request referred to above are approved 

Change of statutes

A change in the statutes of the F.M.E. was approved by ministerial order n ° 78-384 of August 11, 1978. A new change of the statutes was carried out on February 22, 2010 and approved by ministerial decree N ° 2010-226 of April 30, 2010

International tournaments

The Monegasque Federation of Fencing organizes great international tournaments whose most important in 1950 XXèmes Championnat of the World of Fencing was, under the High Patronage of S.A.S. Prince Sovereign and Presidency of Honour of S.A.S. Prince Pierre of Monaco, with the benevolent support of the Municipality and the gracious assistance of the Limited company of the Société des Bains de Mer and the Cercle des Etrangers de Monaco.

This great competition organized in Monaco from the 9 to July 23, 1950, with the participation of 17 nations, represented by 225 fencers.

The office of the Monaco Fencing Federation, charged with the organization was as follows:

President : Me Robert BOISSON;   Vice-president : Mr. Henry POGET; Secretary : Mr. André BALLAND; Treasurer : Mr. Lucien GARRUS.

Then were organized, among the great Senior International Tournaments: 1950, 1960, the Monaco-Genoa meetings, the Championship of France of the U.G.S.E.L. in 1955 and 1958, qualifying regional of the Martini Challenge, with the foil, etc… and since 1977 the Challenge ” Prince Albert ” with the sabre for the youngest children categories, tiny, juniors and juniors.

The Challenge Prince Albert

This Challenge attracts many young fencers of all France. In 1986 the Challenge ” Prince Albert ” became an international competition and the nations like Hungary, Poland, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany and France send their best representatives.

Since the inauguration of the new Louis II Stadium in 1985, the Monegasque Fencing Federation organizes each year an international men’s and women’s senior sword tournament, under the patronage of HSH Prince Rainier III of Monaco, and now , of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and with the help of the Prince’s Government. The Ladies tournament became by the French Fencing Federation a tournament classified in the category “ELITE”.

The edition 1999 gathered more than 200 fencers of the two sexes and several nationalities.

In 1989 and 1990 the Monegasque Federation of Fencing, with the assistance of the International Federation of Fencing and sponsoring of I.C.L., organized the ” Masters ” of sabre joining together the 8 best sabreurs of the World cup during an Official reception in the Center of the Congresses Auditorium of Monaco.

With the occasion of the 50ème birthday of the F.M.E., parallel to Challenge ” Prince Albert ” of sabre, which will take place at the Stadium Louis II June the 24 and 25 2000, will be held the Tournament with the sabre ladies, juniors and seniors.