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The saber is a thrusting weapon, size (blow with the edge of the blade) and cons-size (blow with the back of the blade), blows with the flat of the blade are also valid. It is a conventional weapon like the foil: the sword meets the same rules of engagement (conventions) that foil, giving priority to the attacker, and even light – 500 grams for a total length of 105 cm maximum. If keys simultaneously, the referee decided to give priority to one of the shooters, or neither. This priority depends on the “sentence of weapon” and the conventions of the sword. The target area for the sword is all that is above the waist (with the exception of two hands), because the gun comes the cavalry, and in this case it was very difficult to touch below the waist. In saber, as in foil, it is strictly forbidden to substitute a valid surface by a surface invalid. Unlike foil and epee, forward passing (crossing the legs in a quick movement forward) are prohibited (they were permitted but were removed because the movement of swordsmen gets too close to the race).

The saber is a weapon that attacks are very difficult to follow by beginners, the priority given to the attack associated with the relative ease to touch his opponent making battles very fast.