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We will overcome this pandemic with the arms of respect to others. Let us be courageous and wear the mask.

Champions visiting during SPORTEL Monaco

Enzo Lefort, Ysaora Thibus, Race Imboden & Olena Khomrova Gladyr took time to respond to the kid's questions , sign autographs and coach them during their lessons....

The 2d Départementale M9-M15 took place this March 20th in Cannes

Résultts de la  départemental 20 mars 2022   Catégorie M09 Fleuret Dame Manon CAUSSE – 7e Charlène BAROIS – 8e   Catégorie M09 Fleuret Homme Louis DURAND – 2e...

Charlotte LEMBACH, silver medal at Tokyo’s Olympic Games, visited us

On October 6th, Charlotte LEMBACH, silver medal at Tokyo's Olympic Games with the Sword team, visited our Salle d'Armes. She met our young  fencers M9 à M11 with whom...





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