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 This weekend, 15November 2017, Solal Roussel’s superb performance at the foil European M17 Thessaloniki circuit, which ranks 32nd out of 102 fencers. Bravos to the Masters of Arms.
 Foil fencers were in Manchester for a European M17 circuit accompanied by Anne BROTTEL. Solal ROUSSEL finished 91th out of 145 entered with three wins and three losses in pools. Lola BARDEL placed 21st out of 114 with 5 victories for 1 defeat in a pool, free from the first round of the table she won her match 15/14 to enter the 32 before bowing. Congratulations to both of you.

At the national circuit of Paris in the foil M17, after their qualifications for Sunday, Solal ROUSSEL finished 99th out of 133 and Lola BARDEL, took us a day of madness until the quarterfinals, she takes the 6th place out of 70. She is of the coup selected with the team of France to the European circuits of Modling, Tauber and Cabriès. Congratulations.

Maxime Prat was participating this weekend at the European Saber M17 circuit in Konin, Poland. He finished 91 th out of 131 participants. Very encouraging for his first participation at this level. Congratulations to him and to Eric Fromager, his master of arms.